MICAH MICAH MICAH…..You really have changed! What once was a beacon of hope for Rampage Pro Wrestling fans has turned into a burning Rage that is seemingly burning out of control. I have been silent, until now, on the actions of FORMER RPW Superstar Micah Taylor simply because I refuse to give him what he wants, what he demands, and that is ATTENTION. He reminds me of a spoiled rich kid who must always have his way. I must say that his TRUE COLORS came out when he insulted Doc Gayton, the fans, and began attacking wrestlers in the ring from BEHIND when he didn’t get his way and LOST a Loser Leaves RPW match months ago. The old Micah Taylor would have accepted his loss, and respectfully walked away from RPW with his head held high, with dignity. Not anymore, this Micah Taylor, perhaps the real identity he managed to hide all of these years, is not going away peacefully. He has aligned himself with a camera man (if you call an IPHONE a camera), Maddog Dan Sawyer, and Spiral and he has made a nemesis of himself. We have fined him, hauled him downtown to the police station, and now I am going to give him perhaps what he wants. A LAST WORD. Whatever is gnawing at the soul of MICAH TAYLOR must now be put to rest, along with his RPW career. Micah Taylor I will hand you the microphone, I will give you the floor to speak on Sunday, September 22. Choose your words wisely, for you will have consequences for your actions and the local PD will be at ringside.