GREAT crowd on hand today for RPW WINTER WARS

GREAT crowd on hand today for RPW WINTER WARS at Johnny Gs fun center in Warner Robins!! In two big title changes, AJ Steele became the new RPW Champion defeating Shaun Banks (subbing for partner Cru Jones) of Hot Like Lava. In the other change, The BLACKOUT Murder One  and Kory Chavis captured the RPW Tag team titles from Miss Allie's Angels, Chip Day and Corey Hollis. In another title match, Kyle Matthews retained the RPW TV Title over Mike Cruz in an epic scientific battle in which the fans gave both athletes a standing ovation. Plus, there was a special visit from Santa Doc who left the Blacklist's AJ Steele laying courtesy of a Christmas gift to the head and a decorated steel chair to the back, followed my a Cross face!! RPW returns with a New Years Spectacular on Sunday, January 6 at 3 pm with A SPECIAL SURPRISE you will NOT want to miss!!